Post Hole Drilling

Whirlwind Post Holes & Fencing LLC is one of the only companies north of Madison to own and operate a Dandy Digger machine for contract hole drilling. Don’t spend hours, or even days breaking your back digging several post holes. We will bring our Dandy Digger in and will get the job done fast.

Please call our office to get your hole drilling project price quoted


  • Hole drilling capabilities from 9″ to 24″ and up to 8 feet deep.
  • Core drilling through asphalt, concrete and frost
  • Speed and accuracy saves you time and money
  • Minimal/No Damage to lawn due with the 8 wheel articulated design of the Dandy Digger.
  • All holes pre-determined and marked with spray paint on the ground by customers  
  • Hard digging conditions such as rocks, tree roots, or bedrock are subject to additional charges.
  • Whirlwind Post Holes & Fencing LLC MUST clear diggers hotline per state law before any digging can occur. No post hole digging within 18″ of the edge of hole, to the utility markings. Even if the utility markings are on a different property.